Remedies for a Double Chin

There are several ways you can get rid of a double chin. Some of these remedies are ingredients we use at home. It is unbelievable that some of these remedies we know but we don’t actually now they can help to eliminate the double chin.

The following are the best remedies to get your double chin removed.

Kybella Injection

This is a cosmetic injection that contains a synthetic deoxycholic acid ingredient. This ingredient is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps to break down and absorb dietary fats. When injected in the double chin, it destroys the accumulated fats as well as cells that had accumulated around the chin. Although the injection has to be given by a qualified and experienced dermatologist to avoid severe side effects. This really works, we tried it at a Scottsdale place. Also recently tested it a second time in Gilbert and our partner is amazed at the results.

Lose Weight

For those who are obese or overweight, reducing weight will have a positive impact on reducing or even eliminating the fats deposits in your body. You can lose weight through exercising (which is the most common method) or opt for the diet that will contribute to weight loss. Exercising will result in calories and fats in the body to be oxidized thus adding strength to the muscles. As you try to lose weight, avoid sugar and salt food substances.

Vitamin E intake

Vitamin E is important as it strengthens the skin, softens it, and makes it supple. Vitamin E can be consumed in form of supplements or can be obtained through natural foods found in our homes. Some sources of Vitamin E include legumes, wheat germ oil, peanuts, leafy green vegetables, beans, nuts among other sources.

Facial Exercises

This sounds charming, does it? But facial exercises help to strengthen the facial muscles. As a result, the entire process aids in reducing the chances of developing a double chin. These exercises can be done as follows:

  • Turn your head towards the back position while standing or sitting until the face turns horizontally upside. This procedure has to be done with great care to avoid knocking your head or falling down.
  • Still, in that position, ruck up your upper and lower lips in a kiss manner for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Repeat these exercise several times a week, you will notice the reduction of your chin.

Take Lots of Water

We all know water is life because it helps in maintaining the turgidity pressure of the body cells as well as the oxidation process. If you lack water in your body, it will be evident from the appearance of your skin. The skin crenate and becomes loose when it lacks water. At this point, the formation of the double chin is easy. So taking enough water will retain the fluid level in your body constant. It’s recommended to take at least 8 glasses of water each day.

You can also take green tea which helps to speed up the body metabolism thus oxidizing excess calories. If you take one cup each day will help to overcome the double chin condition.  Share your comments if this article was helpful.