Causes of Double Chin and Possible Remedies

A double chin is also known as submental fat and is a condition where the subcutaneous fats deposits heap up around the neck. The majority of people believe this condition is as a result of one being obese (which is true) but is not always the case. There are several ingredients that cause double chin some which include:


Old people grow double chin easily compared to young people. The reason to this is because the muscles detach from the skin and become loose as they age. The skin has subcutaneous fat deposits which result to the skin having more weight thus hangs. This makes someone face appears to have two chins.

Weight Gain

Dining on fatty foods will result to your body ingesting more fats. As a result, your chin will accumulate some of these fats just like any other part of the body. In the end, the skin will stretch and get deformed. So as you eat fatty foods, know you are risking developing a double chin.


Depending on the routine of your head posture, it can cause the body to spread more muscles around the chin with the aim of balancing the head or the rest of the body. A slumping posture, for instance, will have an effect on the muscles and fat deposits to accumulate below the chin.


People who are obese have a lot of fats within their bodies as well as on their skin. These fats make the sin to hang resulting in the formation of the double chin. Young people who are obese are likely to have double chin too.

Weight Loss

This is another key component which can result to the development of double chin. Oppressive weight loss makes the skin to change from its original state to a new one. This has an impact on the skin as it becomes loose and it will hang on the edges of the body. The chin is one of the body parts the skin will hang resulting to double chin.

Number of fat cells in a region

There are some body parts that have more fat cells than others. You are likely to experience double chin if you have more cells in the chin region.

Genetics are Trait Hereditary

This is a condition where you inherit genetics and traits from one generation to another.

Possible Remedy

Double chin is not something that most people like. In fact, many wish not to have it or deal with it because it’s frustrating. The following ways will help you to get rid of double chin.

Jaw exercising– Eating hard food substances like sugar cane and also chewing gum will make the jaw muscle strong and tight. The face skin to will become firm and fat deposits will burn out. This will eradicate the possibility of developing a double chin.

Right facial expression, right posture, losing weight, and double chin exercises will help you do away with double chin easy and faster. Have you had a double chin before? Share with us how you terminated it.